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We have contributed to a variety of association and nonprofit publications over the years and our work has been featured in the trade press. Here are a few samples below (click each link to read the full article text):

ASAE Publications
Professional Development Forum, June 2011

Conducting a Communications Audit
The Executive (CalSAE), October 2009

Implementing Data Driven Strategies
7 Measures of Success Reporter, July 2009

What I Wanted to Be When I Was Five
Associations Now, April 2009

Marketing Essentials: Advice from the Pros
No matter how different your association is from any other, the steps to successful marketing are often useful to all types and sizes. A few association marketing professionals share the most important gear in their toolkits, so you can stock your own. (panelist)
Associations Now, May 2009

Stand Out in the Crowd: Marketing at the Annual Meeting
You may think your annual meeting si the best time to roll out your new blog, research study, initiative, or whatever else. (quotes)
Associations Now, January 2009

Qualitative Interviews: The Pros and Cons
Marketing Insights, January 2009

Young Member Retention
Membership Developments, March 2008

A Perfect Blend 
Find the right mix of benefits and services to retain newcomers, senior members, and everyone else in between. (quotes)
Associations Now, September 2007

Marketing Meltdowns
Associations Now, September 2007

A Conversation with Carol Bellamy
Journal of Association Leadership, Winter 2006

The Best Advice I Ever Got
Associations Now, June 2006

Sales Forecasts: The Hidden Killer and Hidden Key to Marketing Campaigns
Sales forecasts steer the efforts of marketers all year long. Discover the seven secrets of accurate forecasting.
Marketing Fast Facts, February 2001

Adventures in Developing a New Meeting
While marketing may not be critical for well-established meetings, new conferences require substantial marketing efforts to create awareness, build support, and ensure future success. This primer on new-conference marketing offers advice on how best to allocate marketing resources to meet association and attendee needs.
Marketing Fast Facts, May 2001

Growing Markets, Shrinking Prospects: Thriving in an Era of Consolidation
Insights into the impact of industry consolidations on our industry are revealed in a study of 70 trade associations.
Executive IdeaLink, June 2001

Maximizing the Advantages of Video
Two ASAE Gold Circle Awards judges share tips about producing videos that convey your message effectively and reach the intended audiences.
Communication News, May 2001

Using Technology to Enhance Public Relations
Learn how five associations are using different technologies to enhance their public relations initiatives.
Communication News, April 2002

Common-Sense Pricing
Make pricing a marketing decision, not a political decision.
Marketing Fast Facts, May 1998

The Rules of Response Rates
Your membership campaign results actually depend on variables that you control.
Membership Developments, June 2002

Another Technology for Marketing
Association Management, October 1996

Our Staff in the Press
Survival of the Fittest
Survival analysis can now be used to forecast customer attrition
ComputerWorld, September 2004

Mining for Gold
Using statistical modeling to maximize returns at CRS
Fundraising Success, January 2005

Donors Respond to Tsunami Disaster
Nonprofit Times, January 2005

Fundraising Ideas that Really Work

Nonprofit Times, March 2004

Bracing for War's Ravages

Chronicle of Philanthropy, April 2003

Reaching Out to Catholics
Direct, February 2004
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