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We have had the opportunity to speak at many of the premier gatherings of association management staff over the years although we have cut back in the past several years as part of our overall business strategy. Please feel free to download our presentations for the specific programs that are hyperlinked below.

Recent Presentations

  • Putting it All Together, ASAE SPARK Conference Closing Plenary  Nov 2016. 
  • Volunteers: The Air that We Breathe, ASAE Annual Meeting, SLC  UT August 2016.
  • Achieving Mutually Beneficial Volunteer Relationships, ASAE Great Ideas, Colorado Springs CO, March 2016.
  • Motivating & Retaining Volunteers, ASAE Super Swap DC, August 2011. 
  • Enhancing Member Relationships, ISM Midwest Retreat, August 2011. 
  • I'm From Washington and I'm Here to Help, Houston Society of Association Executives, Houston TX, May 2011.
  • Home Grown Market Intelligence, CalSAE Annual Meeting, Monterey CA, May 2011.
  • The Power of Partnership, MedTrade, Atlanta GA, November 2010.
  • Transform Your Membership Model, ASAE Annual Conference, Los Angeles CA, August 2010
  • Communicating Your Value Proposition & Membership Development, ISM Midwest Leadership Retreat, Milwaukee WI, June 2010.
  • The Psychology of Marketing, ASAE Marketing Idea Swap, Washington DC, June 2010. 
  • Communicating Your Value Proposition & Membership Development" Workshops, Institute of Supply Management Midwest Leadership Retreat, Milwaukee WI, June 2010. 
  • Research for Normal People, Higher Logic Education Series, Webinar, April 2010.
  • The Essentials of Membership Marketing, College of Association Marketing, Washington DC, April 2010.
  • Retention and Renewal: Getting Your Members to Love You, ASAE Super Swap DC, April 2010.
  • Unleash the Power of Your e-Communications, ASAE Great Ideas Conference, Colorado Springs CO, March 2010."You Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine, (Marketing Sample Review Program) ASAE Idea Swap DC, February 2010.
  • Anatomy of a Campaign, College of Association Marketing, Alexandria VA, February 2009.


 Research Presentations

Web Analytics—Making It Real, ASAE Membership & Marketing Conference DC, May 2010. 

Purpose Driven Data Collection and Analysis, California Society of Association Executives, Sacramento, December 2009.

Get Inside Your Students’ Heads: Common-Sense Assessment Techniques, Association of College Unions International, Oct. 2009.

Data and Research, Certification Networking Group, Silver Spring MD, June 2009.

The Joy of Research, Georgia Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting, Asheville NC, May 2009.

Data Mining, College of Association Marketing, Washington DC, April 2009.

Asking Questions: Adding Value, Association Executives of North Carolina, Raleigh NC, January 2009.

How to Conduct Quantitative and Qualitative Research, CalSAE, August 2008.

Conducting Salary Surveys Tri-State Executives Conference, Destin FL, October 2006.

Survey Analysis, New Jersey Society of Association Executives, August 2006.

Survey Design: Best Practices and Processes, CESSE Annual Conference, Portland OR, July 2005.

Research and Communications, National Catholic Development Conference Branding Forum, Peekskill NY, November 2004.

Research for Nonprofit Organizations, National Catholic Development Conference, Los Angeles CA, September 2003. 

Association Management Presentations

Marketing & Branding Your Association, American Osteopathic Association, Phoenix AZ, November 2009.

Rightsizing & Maximizing Your Membership Marketing, Virginia Society of Association Executives, Richmond VA, November 2009.

Focus on Future Membership & Volunteer Growth, SCSAE Annual Conference, Charleston SC, June 2009.

Live From Baltimore it's the Best of the Alexandria Brown Bag, ASAE Membership & Marketing Symposium, Baltimore MD, May 2009.

The Rumors of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, CalSAE Lucheon Keynote, Fullerton CA, March 2009.

Building Non-Dues Revenue Programs, National Tooling & Machining Association Annual Conference, Austin TX, October 2008.

Writing Your Report Card-Metrics and Program Evaluation, KCSAE Annual Meeting, Kansas City MO, September 2008.

Establishing Your Society as the Voice for Oncology in Your State, American Society of Clinical Oncology DC, October 2007.

Lessons in Managing and Motivating Volunteers," Women in Defense, Arlington VA, September 2007.

Managing Your Facilities: Profit Ratios and Operating Practices, RSA Intl. Keynote, Las Vegas, August 2007.

Maximizing Affinity Programs, Association Executives of North Carolina, Winston-Salem NC, July 2007.

Innovation for Associations, CESSE Winter Meeting, Tucson AZ, February 2007.

Choose the Best Strategy for Delivering Your Messages: How to Use a Combined Communications/ Marketing Audit, ASAE Annual Meeting, Boston MA, August 2006.

Corporate Social Responsibility," ASAE Annual Meeting, Boston MA August 2006.

Marketing Yourself, ASAE Membership and Marketing Symposium, Washington DC, April 2002.

Faculty, Associate Member Program, ASAE School for Association Management, College Park MD, April 1999.

Meet the Membership Experts, ASAE Membership Section Roundtable, December 1997. 

Recent Marketing Presentations

Conference Marketing, DMAW Association Day, Event Co-Chair, October 2009.

Practice What You Preach: World Class Engagement Strategies, ASAE Annual Meeting, Toronto ON, August 2009.

Current Marketing Methods: Research and Data Mining, ASAE Annual Meeting, Toronto ON, August 2009.

Best Practices in Member and Customer-Focused Marketing, ASAE Reston Idea Swap, November 2008.

Membership Recruitment and Retention Campaigns, TSAE Annual Conference, Corpus Christi TX, September 2008.

A Review of Testing Programs, DMA Washington Nonprofit Conference, January 2008.

The Past, Present and Future of Business Intelligence in Associations, ASAE Technology Conference, Washington DC, January 2008.

Metrics and Research for Direct Marketing Association Programs, DMAW Association Day, November 2007 and November 2008.

Pricing and Offers, ASAE Marketing Forum, Washington DC, July 2007.

Marketing Your Association, Mental Health America, Washington DC, September 2006.

Audience Management Practices and Principles for Associations, CESSE Annual Conference, Salt Lake City UT, July 2006.

Online Visibility: Why It Matters, Digital Now! Conference, Disney Institute Orlando FL, April 2006.

The Non-Membership Business Model: Working with the Unconverted, ASAE Great Ideas Conference, San Diego CA, February 2006.

Beyond RFM: Modeling Applications, Direct Mail Fundraising Association, New York City NY, February 2005.

Other Marketing Presentations

Program Evaluation Inside & Out: Self-Assessment and Comparative Benchmarking, ASAE Great Ideas, Naples FL, December 2005.

Common-Sense Member Acquisition, ASAE Membership and Marketing Symposium DC, June 2005.

The NGO Tsunami Response, ASAE KPOC (Key Philanthropic Organizations) Leader-to-Leader Institute, New York City NY, February 2005.

Acquisition and Renewal Testing, DMGroup Institute for Smart Marketing, Washington DC, September 2004.

Branding and Consistent Communications, NCDC Branding Workshop, Wilmington DE, June 2004.

The Role of Telemarketing in Political and Nonprofit Operations, American Teleservices Annual Conference, Miami Beach FL, May 2004.

Evaluating Your Marketing Program, ASAE Membership and Marketing Symposium, Washington DC, March 2004.

Telemarketing: Living in a World of Declining Response Rates, DMA Nonprofit Federation Conference DC, February 2004. 

Best Practices in Membership Recruitment, ASAE Management & Technology Conference, Baltimore MD, December 2003.

Best Practices in Membership Retention Campaigns, ASAE Management & Technology Conference, Baltimore MD, December 2003.

Telemarketing Operations in Nonprofits, DMA Teleservices Annual Conference, Doral FL, May 2003.

The Commercial Model for Nonprofit Operations, DMA Nonprofit Federation Conference, Washington DC, February 2003.

Service Quality: Knowing When and How to Pull the Plug, ASAE Annual Meeting, Denver CO, August 2002.

Building an Information Based Portal in the Trade Association Environment, Digital Now! Conference, Disney Institute Orlando FL, February 2002.

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